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Why Every Enterprise Needs AI-powered Sales Forecasting | Top Business Tech

AI is everywhere these days and no better place for it to be than in a place that helps sales leaders uplevel the accuracy of their Sales Forecast. 

The challenge persists that the data sales forecasting needs to increase accuracy is typically what the seller has put into the CRM alone, their decision on the stage and their own confidence, or sometimes over confidence in the deals chance to close. End result, a consistent miss in the forecast.

This miss ripples up and down the organization as the CFO depends on it to report to the board, accruals can be impacted for future compensation payouts, the list goes on. The more it happens, the less trust their is and for every number that is passed up a level, each hedges their bet only making the problem worse. 

Getting accuracy in your sales forecast comes from many areas in your sales ecosystem, it is time to get actionable insights and clarity in calling your number. This article takes a look at several of these areas of focus, all things you likely do in independent silos now. 

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