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Intelligent Pipeline Analytics & Sales Forecasting

Leverage AI/ML to optimize sales pipeline, improve sales & commission earnings forecast accuracy, and hit sales targets every time.

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The Stats

Accurate sales forecast are critical for driving revenue predictability at any organization and yet…

Take Control of Your Data

55 percent of sales leaders don’t have confidence in their ability to forecast. Discover how Data-driven solutions empower organizations to up-level their sales processes by increasing confidence in data consistency, accuracy, and reliability.

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Trust the Sales Forecast

Intelligent insights guide the sales process, and bring important details to the surface during pipeline reviews to continually improve sales forecasting. Greater pipeline visibility and AI-driven forecasting help increase the sales forecast accuracy, improve revenue predictability, and strengthen the partnership between Sales and Finance teams.

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Focus on the Right Opportunities

Intelligent, actionable alerts keep your salesforce laser-focused on hitting sales targets. Proprietary machine learning algorithms continuously perform pipeline inspection to instantly flag at-risk deals as well as identify high-potential opportunities, prompting quick, timely action from reps and managers. Sales and revenue leaders can now be confident that their teams concentrate on the right deals and spend more time selling.

Enforce Sales Process Compliance

Formalize the forecasting process with a unified platform that is purpose-built for sales & revenue forecasting. With smart capabilities like AI-guided selling, sales leaders can now ensure their teams are consistently complying with winning sales strategies. Prescriptive sales insights help guide reps proactively address open items and move the opportunities towards a successful close.  

Increase Rep Performance with AI

Automated data capture reduces every sales rep’s burden of maintaining CRM hygiene. AI-Guided coaching motivates reps & constantly helps improve their performance to close the gap between commit & quota. Predictive and prescriptive insights help reps and managers collaborate easily and ensure they are always in sync. Sales & revenue teams can now make data-informed decisions that eliminate intuition bias and result in consistently accurate forecasts and increased selling time. 

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