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Removing Roadblocks To Sales Planning Effectiveness | Xactly

2020 was a tipping point for sales planning, what I mean by this is that once a year planning is no longer enough, companies need to continuously review and adjust. Laggards will find this increasingly challenging while leaders extend their performance by connecting all the systems within their Sales Performance Management ecosystem, tightly integrating their sales, marketing, and service motions. Aberdeen shared companies that do this well can see a significant increase in revenue performance.

In reading the Aberdeen report, this is due to increased CSAT scores, retention, happy customer and social mentions; wonder if you add sales rep retention to this too?!

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Sales planning plays a vital role in hitting revenue goals, but annual planning is no longer enough. Here are five steps from Xactly partner Intangent that you can take to eliminate roadblocks to achieve effective, efficient sales planning.

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