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Growth and Digital Initiatives lead the charge

You have likely heard me use the term Forced Reckoning as it relates to the impact to business from the 2020 pandemic. This blog from Gartner shares the perspective of the CEO and I love the outlook on where they are investing. 

In this image from the article, it shares that workforce has moved up this year, an important factor to me as when you take care of your employees they take care of your customers. It has become far easier to move around given the acceptance of remote workers, no place more visible than the impact to sales, so taking care of your employees so they are happy and engaged is incredibly important to a companies success. 

Further in they share the intent to invest in digital capabilities and while this covers a lot, we recently spoke to the efforts around digital transformation of the sales ecosystem and its two primary focuses, gathering actionable data to provide guidance and connectivity of the solutions to allow change at speed. It seems obvious that digital capabilities lands on top as it is also needed to address their primary desire above, growth. Old, manual systems and processes are like an anchor tied to your leg as you try to run a race. 

In the article, they share a link to an ebook called Sustain Your Digital Momentum, great content but this image stood out. Digital transformation can be complicated and daunting, it is one of the reasons we recently launched a service called Xactly Transform to help companies take the complicated revenue operations and sales ecosystems and map out the best path to transform the processes and systems for optimal performance. This image does a great job with prioritization of that process to help drive immediate lifts aligned with long term strategies. 

As always, Gartner delivers some great content. For more, here is the link to the article. CEO’s see growth in 2021, marked by 3 shifts

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