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Intelligent Sales Forecasting: Call Your Number with Confidence

There’s a reason that most Sales leaders only deliver 1/2 of their committed forecast on a consistent basis. Coming up with an accurate forecast is challenging for sales organizations across all sizes and industries for a number of reasons. 

According to Gartner, a majority (55%) of sales leaders do not have high confidence in their forecasting accuracy, and CSO Insights states that 67% of organizations lack a formalized approach to forecasting altogether. These problems stem from a lack of pipeline and forecast visibility among leaders, inconsistent sales process execution across teams, and poor data quality due to the fact that CRM systems and spreadsheets are rarely updated. Forecasting is often done based on gut-feel because the sales organization doesn’t have the proper data and insights to make intelligent forecasts.

Xactly Forecasting is here to help. In this Webinar you will learn how to use Xactly Forecasting to:

  • Seamlessly communicate multi-level sales forecasts from sales rep to CEO
  • Dramatically increase quality and completeness of CRM data without taking any more time from the sales team
  • Automatically enforce consistent sales execution across reps that will lead to higher win rates and more predictable revenue coming in
  • Consistently hit your sales goals quarter after quarter

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