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Drive Efficient Revenue Through Revenue Operations

The term Revenue Operations or #RevOps has started to surface a lot of late. Gartner shared some great insights around it and how it has emerged in just the last several years.

One challenge they mention is the access to actionable data. As companies are going through digital transformations at a macro level (the org) or a micro level (i.e. their sales ecosystem), they may have mastered extracting usable data for one department but when you step back, is it truly actionable across Sales, Marketing and Success? Likely not as these are still silo’d. You add to that the plethora of pointed sales and marketing technologies that solve one problem, now your data is in even more places to try to pull in.

If you are not there yet as an organization with a revenue operations leader, this is still a worthy investment in time and effort as the benefits are certainly there.

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