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H2 is here, is your Sales Forecast any more accurate?

June is over and most companies are focused on the 2H of the year.  Sales Leaders are solidifying their commits, analyzing their pipelines, and scheduling quarterly business reviews (QBR).

Historically this process has been very manual and time-consuming.  Downloading pipeline reports from your CRM, manipulating them in excel, passing Excel sheets around to understand commits, hedges, best cases, and pipeline calls and coverage, and filling out PowerPoint presentations with all this redundant data from the sales representative, district manager, and vice presidents.  What makes this worse, is once you download the data it is old, and the PowerPoint never gets looked at again.

Imagine changing this antiquated process by leveraging a solution that aggregates all this data into 1 spot, provides complete visibility to your pipeline growth and trends, details the opportunities and sales stages that make up your commit, and provides a predictive score for each forecast category.  With 1 click all your CRM data is available for you to analyze and can be updated in real-time. Eliminating data silos and redundant PowerPoint presentations.

Sales Forecasting Webinar

At Xactly we leverage our Forecasting solution to run our business.  No longer do I need to pull data from multiple sources, manipulate it and/ or have a team of sales operation analysts working on your behalf.  I leverage Xactly Forecasting to drive the right behaviors on deal health, CRM accuracy allowing the sales organization to present their QBR directly out of the Forecasting solution.  This allows for up-to-date conversation and in-the-moment analysis of a deal or pipeline.  This allows everyone to ask intelligent questions and have real-time answers.  What is the conversion rate, how much pipeline do you need to cover your call, what is the health of the opportunities that make up your commit, edit next steps and action plans in real time etc.


There is a Better Way.

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